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This lump defined colors for ui elements such as text and boxes. There is one record for each master palette in PALETTES.BIN. The size of a record is stored in BINSIZE.BIN.

Starting with version 2014-05-28, this lump was replaced with the uicolors node inside general.reld. This lump still exists for backwards compatibility, but will not have any new colors or box styles added to it in the future. Those will be added to general.reld instead.

More detailed descriptions of each UI color is available on the User-Interface Colors and Box Styles pages.

About Formal Specs

Offset Data CONST Meaning
0 INT uiBackground background colour
1 INT uiMenuItem normal menu item
2 INT uiDisabledItem disabled menu item
3-4 INT uiSelectedItem selection, alternates 3 & 4
5-6 INT uiSelectedDisabled selected disabled item, 5 & 6
7 INT uiHighlight background to selected menu item
8 INT uiHighlight2 background used in equip menu
9 INT uiTimeBar hero's time bar
10 INT uiTimeBarFull time bar when full
11 INT uiHealthBar hero's health bar
12 INT uiHealthBarFlash health bar flash colour, when current hp is greater than maximum
13 INT uiText Default text colour
14 INT uiOutline Text outline colour
15 INT uiDescription Spell description
16 INT uiGold Total cash
17 INT uiShadow Vehicle shadow
18-47 INT uiTextBox 15 * Text box styles, 2 ints (background & edge)
48-62 INT uiTextBoxFrame 15 * Graphical text box frame sprite ID+1 or zero for none