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slicelookup.txt contains names for user defined slice lookup codes.

It is a simple unix-style text file with one name per line. Lines are separated by ascii 10 (linefeed), although windows-style line endings will be gracefully tolerated.

The line number corresponds to the lookup code number. Line zero (the first line) will be blank/ignored since 0 is not a valid lookup code.

Each line is limited to 40 characters in the slice editor, but the line will simply be truncated if it exceeds 40 chars

Special characters are escaped with backslashes (although both the slice lookup code name editor and the HSI exporter will restrict what special characters are allowed, so this shouldn't matter normally)

\\   a backslash
\n   a newline
\r   a carriage return
\t   a tab
\000 a decimal ascii code in the range of 0-255

Backslashes followed by any other character are treated as a normal part of the text.