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MENUS.BIN stores data about custom menus. This lump only contains data applicable to an entire menu. Data about individual menu items is located in MENUITEM.BIN. The record size is stored in BINSIZE.BIN

About Formal Specs

Offset Data Meaning
0-10 VSTR(1i+20b=11i) Menu name
11 INT Box style (same as text box background color)
12 INT Default text color
13 INT Max rows to show at a time (0=default, cannot exceed screen height)
14 INT Bitsets

0=Transparent box
1=Never show scrollbar
2=Allow gameplay while menu is active
3=Suspend player even if gameplay allowed
4=No box
5=Cancel button doesn't close menu
6=No player control of menu
7=Prevent main menu from opening
8=Advance text box when menu closes
9=Highlight selection background

15 INT Offset X (positive or negative)
16 INT Offset Y (positive or negative)
17 INT Anchor X (-1=left, 0=center, 1=right)
18 INT Anchor Y (-1=top, 0=center, 1=bottom)
19 INT Text align (-1=left, 0=center, 1=right)
20 INT Minimum width (in text chars, default=0)
21 INT Maximum width (in text chars, 0=none, >=1 crops strings)
22 INT Border thickness (in pixels, can be negative)
23 INT On-close script trigger
24 INT Menu ID -1 to open when pressing ESC (or 0 for none)
25 INT Garbage (do not repurpose)
26 INT Item spacing, in pixels to be added to the default. Negative makes the items closer together, positive stretches them apart. This value alters the vertical size of the whole menu

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