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F.A.Q. means Frequently Asked Questions

This list is only for the most common questions. There are many more questions and answers in the Gigantor List Of Questions! Use the Search box on the left of this page to find answers. Or have a look at the list of Categories.

How do I add a question? - Read this before you add a question! You can also ask on the Forums instead.

Beginner Questions[edit]

Game Distribution Questions[edit]

General Questions[edit]

Questions About Errors And Unexpected Behavior[edit]

Please read How do I report a bug? before adding questions to this section!

Plotscripting Questions[edit]

Feature Request Questions[edit]

The FAQ is a really bad place to ask for a feature. If you want to suggest a feature, the Forums are much better for that purpose!

Developer Questions[edit]

Questions about this Wiki[edit]

If you want to browse questions relating to specific topics, you can browse by Category instead. (Note that this includes all the pages in the Wiki, not just FAQs)

See Also[edit]

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