How do I make a poisoning or stunning attack?

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To make a poisoning attack, create an attack that damages the target's poison register. In the attack editor, look under Target Stat:.

Any damage done to the poison register will be repeated over and over again. To cure poison, make an attack that cures the poison register, or one that sets the poison register to 100% of it's maximum (this may be confusing to you. Setting the poison register to 0% might seem more logical, but in fact that will make the target really really really severely poisoned)


Attacks that target the regen register work the same way, except that damage done to the regen register will be repeatedly cured to the target.


To make a stunning attack, make an attack that damages the stun register. Damage to the stun register is counted in seconds, so if you do 10 damage, the target will remained stunned for 10 seconds. To cure Stun status, make an attack that sets the stun register to 100%.

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