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Tile Animation Patterns come in records 20 INTs (40 bytes) long. There are two per tileset. Each pattern can contain up to nine actions, each of which has a type and an argument. The animation loops through the pattern until an end of animation action is reached, which causes the pattern to start again from the first action.

Formal Specs[edit]

About Formal Specs

Data Meaning
INT starting tile number of the "set range"
INT disable if tag (0 = n/a, -n = tag n is off, +n = tag n is on)
INT(9) action types, 9 total
INT(9) action parameters, 9 total

Explanation of the animation actions[edit]

Type Explanation
0 end of animation: go back to action 0 and reset tile
1 move up <arg> number of tiles
2 move down <arg> number of tiles
3 move right <arg> number of tiles
4 move left <arg> number of tiles
5 stop for <arg> amount of ticks
6 continue only if tag <arg> (0 = n/a, -n = tag n is off, +n = tag n is on)
else, go to action 0 and reset tile