Turn-based battles compared to Active-time battles

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The OHRRPGCE supports two battle system modes.


This is the default battle mode. The OHRRPGCE has always supported this mode. Each hero and enemy takes turns at their own pace, choosing attacks whenever their ready-meter fills up. This is similar to the battle system used in Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Active time mode has general bitsets that control whether or not battle time pauses when you are using menus.


This is a new battle mode, added in the Beelzebufo release. In turn-based mode, all heroes and enemies choose their attacks at the beginning of a turn, then they all perform their attacks in an order determined by their speed stats, and then the next turn begins. This is similar to the battle system used by Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series, Pokemon, and almost all other traditional console RPG games.

Choosing Battle Modes[edit]

Choose battle modes in the "Battle System Options" submenu under "Edit General Game Data"

Converting an Active-time game to Turn-based[edit]

If you are changing an existing game from Active-time to Turn-based (or vice-versa) you need to pay attention to a few important details.

Speed balance[edit]

In turn-based mode, a very high speed stat is not such a big advantage. it just means attacking first, not attacking more often. In the same way, a very low speed stat is no longer a big disadvantage. it just means attacking last, rather than attacking less often.


In Active-time mode, small variations in attack delay have almost no consequence. Only large attack delays really are really important.

In turn-based mode, a 1 tick delay can cause the attack to be performed later, after the next slowest hero or enemy. Very large attack delays should be avoided in turn-based mode because the turn cannot end until all characters have finished their attack.

Endless Loops[edit]

If you make an endless loop of chained attacks or counterattacks in active-time mode, only the hero or enemy involved in the loop will be stuck. All other heroes and enemies can continue to fight.

An endless loop in turn-based mode really will be endless.

Stun and Mute[edit]

In Active-time mode, damage to the stun and mute registers is measured in seconds. 10 damage to stun will cause the target to be stunned for 10 seconds.

In Turn-based mode, damage to stun and mute registers is measured in turns. 10 damage to stun will cause the target to be stunned for 10 turns.

Poison and Regen[edit]

In Active-time mode, poison and regen happen based on timers that take one and a half times as long to fill as the hero or enemy's ready-meter, unless they have a speed less than 7, in which case they happen every 8 seconds.

In Turn-based mode, poison and regen happen at the end of each turn.