Combat Dialogues

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What I mean by "combat dialogues" is people talking in the middle of a combat.

Start with making some attacks. Crucial things to this are:

  • The attacks must not have an attack graphic
  • The attacks must have damage math set to No Damage
  • The attacks must have the Do not display damage bitset on

Also make an attack which damages himself, and turn the Do not display damage bitset on.

Now lets get down to the dialogue. For example, we want our hero (which we call Jim) to at the start of the combat say:

Jim: Aaaah! Its a dragon!

Write the above sentence in Caption. Go into the Appearance menu and set Display Caption to how many ticks the message will be shown (20 ticks is approximately 1 second).

Now let's add the text into the battle, where Jim and Ned fights a dragon.

We now make two enemies. First we make the dragon (pretty obvious, since he's the boss). Second, we make an invisible enemy (Read: an enemy with a blank enemy picture). Set the speed to this creature extremely high (since it's gonna show up at the start of the combat)and give him the above attack. Also set the bitset untargetable so that if somehow the heroes manage to act before the dialogue creature, they wont be able to kill him. Chain the attack with a 100% success rate to the self-damaging attack. Set the creature's HP low and set the creature alongside the dragon in the battle formation and voila: You got yourself a message from Jim who is scared of dragons.

Now, let's say that we want Ned, the brave paladin of the sacred order of the broccoli. Make another attack like the one above, but set the caption to:

"Die, foul dragon!"

To have the messages appear after another, go into the first attack and chain it with 100% success rate to the second attack. Second, set the Delay before attack to as many ticks as the previous text. Remember that the last message must chain to the self damaging attack so it kills himself. Now Ned will display his hatred against dragons as well!

That's all there is to it. I'll maybe add more later, but this is gonna do for now.