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Final Fantasy H
Developer(s) Fenrir-Lunaris
Website Gamelisting on Castle Paradox Gamelisting on Slimesalad
Release date December 25, 2001
Genre RPG
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Hype Line[edit]

Final Fantasy, reconstructed for the OHRRPGCE, with new additions and expansions not seen in the original.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

Final Fantasy H follows the general storyline of the original NES Final Fantasy, with a number of notable changes and alterations. The game's backstory takes place within the frame of the Timestream Saga multiverse, drawing upon a number of chracters from the multiverse's games. The player begins the game by selecting an initially nameless hero, followed soon after by picking the remaining three - this process culminating in the formation of the game's party of four warriors. The player controlled party must then journey throughout the land, taking part in an anchient prophecy that is said to bring about a new age for the world's various peoples. Helping them through their quest is the gender-ambiguous Sorceror Seraph, a powerful magician of mixed ancestry, who at one time served the world's clergy. As the party releases the essences from the world's elemental crystals, Seraph begins to understand that the religion he/she served is a farce constructed by a demon named Chaos. Towards the end, it is revealed that the prophecy surrounding the crystals is a sham, and that freeing the world's crystals will in turn unseal the demon to ravage the world. Seraph then withdraws to the northern pole to summon a being from another dimension, to purge the planet of all life, only to be stopped by the player controlled party.


Final Fantasy H has been updated numerous times, often with gameplay additions and minor tweeks to the gameplay. It has been mostly complete since May of 2003, when the official bugtesting period stopped. At about that time, a 'Hardtype' version was released, in part due to public demand. Future updates are not planned.

Sometime in October of 2007, Fenrir made a minor update to the game's file, allowing it to be played on the Ubersetzung version of the OHRRPGCE. While not adding any new content, this minor update would allow new players to experience the game's soundtrack without having to install VDMS.


A second Final Fantasy H began development on October 1st, 2003, for the yearly community Halloween Contest. Called Final Fantasy H-2, it was cancelled shortly after the contest deadline. Officially, the reasons given for its cancellation included the difficulty in constructing an RPG in such a short amount of time, and the game concept itself. To this date, no information has been released concerning the revival of the sequel.

Notable Features and History[edit]

Class System[edit]

Final Fantasy H was notable for being one of few OHR games to actually incorporate a player selection screen. More notable was this this was achieved without the use of plotscriting. The classic 'Final Fantasy' classes were taken, and the player allowed to choose one of four races to combine these with. While the game's author commented this was to allow party customization, many such pairings were simply unplayable (see: Dwarven Wizard)


Soon after the game's initial release, it was publicized on notable RPG gaming boards including RPGamer,, and others. For some time, also displayed search results for Castle Paradox when searching for FFH, often in the top displayed position. It is widely believed that the "Silver Age" of the OHRRPGCE community and Castle Paradox's rise to prominence in the OHR Community is in part tied to the game's publicity.


The title screen was notable for using an image of the iconic Bob the Hamster OHR mascot incorporated into the logo.


Final Fantasy H has been reviewed multiple times, in part due to its high download count.

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