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Barely Legal Bitches
Developer(s) Fenrir-Lunaris
Website Gamelisting on Castle Paradox
Release date July 30, 2004
Genre RPG / Dating Sim
Download Download from Castle Paradox
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Hype Line[edit]

Also, don't play this game if you are under age 18...though by saying that probably every 12 year old within walking distance will now download and play it. >_<"

Plot Synopsis[edit]

Barely Legal Bitches is a joke game orignally developed for the Terrible Game Contest v1.WTF, held during July of 2004. It featured excellent graphics as typical of a game by Fenrir, and offended enough of the voters to win first place in the Terrible Game Contest. The original storyline begins with the main character Vulpes, who is suddenly struck with a huge bill for 100,000 Zenny, and must pay it off or else have her legs broken, Mafia-style. She, along with her friends, set out to whore themselves out to prospective patrons to accumulate the wealth needed, until the goal of 100,000 Zenny is reached and repaid. The original game's storyline ended differently depending on which character you beat the game with, since everyone has their own ending.


The game's core gameplay revolves around the prostitution house itself. Vulpes and her friends stand behind a non-descript table and wait for a prospective patron to walk in. Depending on a number of factors, including the character's hairstyle, clothing, mood, and the patron's own likes and dislikes, more money can be taken from them in a short amount of time. Cameo walkins at various points serve to distract the player, but do nothing to affect the player's money totals.


In 2005, Fenrir Lunaris expanded BLB for the next Terrible Game Contest by creating a city around the prostitution house and significantly altering the gameplay. The storyline was also subtly changed and a number of gameplay tweaks were added. Each of Vulpes's friends now have to be coerced to join her, usually by undertaking a short quest, or by playing a minigame. More walk-in patrons had been added as well, and a number of stores, shops, and other buildings were added to supplement the gameplay. The game's story was updated some, placing it within the Timestream Saga continuum, set a few weeks before the events of

Timestream Saga.

Notable Features and History[edit]


BLB has been seen played on computers at Furry Conventions, including Anthrocon and Further Confusion. The game maker's main playtester, Thellos, was horrified, to say the least.

OHRRPGCE References[edit]

BLB has been referenced in other OHRRPGCE games, including many other joke games and the city layout and even the main room of the prostitution house has been seen in Vikings of Midgard (although nothing scandalous happens)!


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