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Final Fantasy H-2
Developer(s) Fenrir-Lunaris
Website Gamelisting on Castle Paradox
Release date October 31, 2003
Genre RPG
Download Download from Castle Paradox
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Hype Line[edit]

The long awaited and cancelled sequel to Final Fantasy H, made for the Halloween Contest.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

The storyline of Final Fantasy H-2 takes place a few months after the events of the previous game, and begins with the Villains-turned-heroes Seraph and Garland. Sent to the southern oceans of their world in search of some magical cure to a deadly disease, the two come to a town and unintentionally end up recruiting a group of four heroes determined to aid them in their quest. The four heroes soon come across fragments of crystals which allow them to change their classes. The game ends shortly after collecting the second set of crystal fragments, leaving more questions unanswered than it started. For this reason, the game is considered Non-Canon with respect to Final Fantasy H.


The game plays similarily to Final Fantasy H, but every character has skills that are unique to themselves. Changing a character's Job Class with the Crystal Shards allows them to acess a pool of additional spells and abilities, but otherwise does not affect the character in any way. In addition to the character's classes, each main character's race ALSO played into their statistics, the human being a balanced character, the dwarf having greater stamina and damage potential, and so on. This job class system was to be the game's main feature and was highly hailed at the time for being both and improvement to and a suitable replacement for Final Fantasy H's Race-Class system.

Notable Features and History[edit]

The game was made for the Halloween Contest but was unfinished due to the game's creator becoming sick. Since the game's storyline is loosely based on that of Final Fantasy III, the creator felt that an official remake of the original NES game would be far better and more justified than an OHRRPGCE port like Final Fantasy H. For these reasons and many others, the project was scrapped.

Years later, several of the game's characters make a brief cameo in Vikings of Midgard. Dart, the main character of FFH-2 mades a remark that he had once tried his hand at adventuring too, but that he had given up too easily. This is regarded as a snide remark in reference to FFH-2's cancellation.


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