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Vikings of Midgard
Developer(s) Fenrir Lunaris & Artimus Bena
Release date June 4, 2008
Genre RPG
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(included with the OHRRPGCE)

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Vikings of Midgard was originally developed to introduce new users to the capabilities of the engine. It is written by Fenrir-Lunaris and Artimus Bena, with some additional support from Moogle1 and Gizmog1. It has a Norse Mythology theme. It is included with complete distributions of the OHRRPGCE.


In the ancient days it was said that all worlds are conceived in an endless void of stars and mist. There they germinate and ripen like apples on the branches of a great cosmic tree. The vikings call that cosmic tree "Yggdrasil", for it links all worlds together that ever were, and ever shall be. But they also believe that some worlds can decay and rot, as if poisoned by some malevolent force, and the great eternal tree has no choice but to release them into the abyssal void lest they corrupt the other worlds. The world of Midgard is one of many such worlds, a place of great beauty with vast forests, fertile plains, exotic deserts, and great flowing rivers. The Asgard, otherwise simply called "Gods", had long struggled to rid the world of evildoers. Perhaps at one time they were just ordinary men who banded together for this just cause, but whatever the truth, they succeeded in their task. This struggle, recorded in history as the "Gods' War", ended with the expulsion and banishment of the most terrible of monsters, bringing the world a lasting peace. Mortal conflicts and quarrels will never subside of course, but the greatest enemies of mankind had finally been subdued. Or so they thought...

Lord Odin, the wise king of the Asgard had a necklace of crystals and runestones forged, that would seal the portal to the land of darkness where all the monsters had been sealed away. As a wedding gift to his daughter, the goddess of love Freya, Odin entrusted her with the responsibility of reforming the gods' enemies. "Maybe one day they can be reformed", Odin thought. And then one day, Freya was kidnapped, and the Brising Necklace was broken and its runestones scattered all over Midgard. Whispers and rumors of an evil mastermind behind the plot began to spread, tales of the *Dark One*, an emissary of chaos who wanted to slay the gods and claim the world for himself.

Taking the initiative, and acting quickly, Lord Odin summoned four warriors from around the cosmos, pulling them from the brink of death to serve his plan. "Find this new evil, learn its secrets, and rescue my daughter" he commanded. The warriors departed, never to be heard from again. Some say they died fighting the minions of the *Dark One*. Others believed they betrayed their master, and even pledged their loyalty to the cause of evil.

Frustrated and out of options, Odin finally decided to try one more time to combat this spreading evil. Ordering his servant Freki to find suitable heroes to take up the quest, Odin retreated to his chambers to wait and watch. "Fate, Chance, Destiny, and Luck are on their side; all I need to do is wait and guide them" he thought. And so the threads of destiny began to form their tightening knots around many such heroes with potential for greatness!


Vikings of Midgard has a several playable characters to choose from, who will join your party after certain conditions are met. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, many of which you will no doubt discover during the course of the game!

Freki Eisendolf - Wolfling Ninja[edit]


A beastwoman in Thralldom (slavery) to Lord Odin since the time of the Gods' War. During the Gods' War, she betrayed her brothers and sisters in exchange for her survival, an action that has estranged her from them and indebted her to Lord Odin. She largely does his bidding, with a sense of begrudging sarcasm and unenthusiasm for her responsibilities, and may one day decide to throw off her obligations and strike out on her own.

+Fastest character around
+Starts with every skill she can learn
-Skills take items to use
-Joins the party periodically and leaves at any time

Bram Shiev - Human Brigand[edit]


A thief and rogue who's stolen just about everything from everyone from Ulfsdalir to Svartalfheim (so she claims). She's forced into doing Odin's bidding by Freki. She lost an eye to the guardsman of Mimir's well after she tried to unsuccessfully steal knowledge from it, to date her only regret. She's spunky, and has problems with authority figures and priests.

+Extremely fast
+Can speed up or slow down other characters
+can steal from foes for free
-Low maximum statistics
-Limited selection of equipment
  • Opens some locked doors and chests
  • Runs faster on the world map

Kitt Shieldbiter - Human Warrior[edit]


A warrior and man-at-arms from Vanaheim. As a young boy he grew up admiring the Berserkers who fought in the stadium, and always wanted to prove himself as a hero. He's got a bad sense of direction, which he compensates for with a strong determination to do what's right.

+Excellent stat growth
+Can use most weapons and armor
+Decent selection of skills
-Low MP
-Can be expensive to equip
  • Often finds money on the ground

Frumpy McFrazzle - Human Missionary[edit]


A missionary from a far-away land that does not believe in the Viking Gods. He's committed to proving the rightness of his beliefs even if he has to work with a group of heathens. Though he's a bit closed-minded when it comes to his philosophical beliefs, he's not too uptight to see the goodness in others.

+Can heal the entire party's HP and other status
+Fairly good defense for a spellcaster
+Excellent anti-undead capabilities
-Very few non-undead damaging spells
-Limited selection of equipment to wear
  • Clergymen ALWAYS give you recovery items

Night Silvermoon - Human Shaman[edit]


A shamaness who can communicate with the spirits of the world, who bears a strong resemblence to the lunar demigoddess Hati Hrodvitnisson. Lacking any memories of her childhood (if she had one), she follows the will of the world's spirit, that is to expel evil from the land at all costs.

+Excellent spellcasting abilities
+Large maximum MP
+Large selection of useful spells and abilities
-Very low combat statistics
-Low armor selection

Styrge - Elf Ranger[edit]


An elven ranger who was alive when the gods first brought the world to the brink of destruction during the gods' war. She's always held herself responsible for the world's suffering, even if she was never its cause to begin with.

+Extremely high accuracy rating
+Can target enemy weaknesses
+Has some healing spells
-Low selection of equipment
-Low magic ratings
  • You can see hidden passages when walking around
  • Has the ability to speak with animals

Olaf Bearbreaker - Human Berserker[edit]


Olaf is a seasoned combatant who spent many years fighting for glory and money in the Vanaheim Colliseum. He's since gambled away his money and largely become a drunkard in various bars and taverns across the land. He hopes to have one last hoorah before he passes on in battle, but he'd really want to give his battles some meaning and greater purpose than just one pointless fight after another. Alas, he is no brain, but aptly supplies the brawn for the inexperienced Vikings of Midgard.

+Excellent HP and strength growth
+Can shunt unused stats to boost strength more
+Naturally immune to death spells
-Extremely limited selection of weapons and armor
-Abyssmal spellcasting ability
  • Before bosses, your HP and MP are refilled

Eric Yellowson - Half-elf Skald[edit]


A bard who travels the land collecting and telling stories of heroes, hoping one day he'll become one himself. Once he strikes it rich, he'll spend his days relaxing on his well-deserved rewards. He wants to challenge the greatest bard who ever lived, Skoll Sunchaser, and duel him in a contest of rhyme and music.

+Balanced stats
+Can bestow positive status on the whole party
+Can restore diminished MP of other party members
-Few offensive spells
-Extremely limited equipment selection
  • Obtains certain discounts at some stores

Hilda Skyspear - Human Valkyrie[edit]


A valkyrie in the direct service of Lord Odin who was sent to gather information before the rest of the party on the monsters infesting the world. Acting on the assumption they're the same foes the gods fought and defeated in the Gods' War, she was quite surprised to find this new menace isn't even from the same plane of reality. She's old fashioned, speaking in an out-of-date accent, and doesn't speak much about herself - though she has a soft spot for Olaf.

+High HP and strength
+Has defensive spells
+Can jump to avoid all damage
-Low MP and magic ability
-Limited selection of weaponry


There are rumors OTHER heroes roam the lands. It's up to you to discover them!


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