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Maybe some clarification should be given as to the respective roles of Fenrir and Bena as writers? --Jabber

Dark Sentiel: Is game finished.

Bob the Hamster: Not yet, but I think it is close to being finished.

NeoTA: License is not clear. It's not a derivative work of OHRRPGCE (proof: using gcc to compile or gimp to paint does not render the produced artefact GPL), so it doesn't automatically inherit OHRRPGCE's GPL licensing (nor does such licensing necessarily make sense for anything but scripts) . The music licensing has been clarified on a related page. I just PMed Fenrir on CastleParadox re: license (I want to include some of the VoM data as test data for nohrio), and hope to be able to clarify this soon.

Bob the Hamster: Who added the "public domain" notation? I think that is accurate, but since my memory is fuzzy and it doesn't explicitly say in the readme, I would like to know that Fenrir-Lunaris was the one who said so. I think for the next release it would be wize to included an edited LICENCE-binary.txt file. The currently included one is the stock one explaining that the engine is GPL but the game data is under some other license-- it would be best to clearly state the license there (and in the readme too)

NeoTA That was me, i got a reply from fenrir :)