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I am an adorable fuzzy hamster, and also the administrator of this wiki. See? That is me up in the top left corner! I take care of this wiki for my good friend James Paige, who is too busy sculpting naked women to spend any time maintaining his own silly wiki.

I star in a game called Wandering Hamster, which is pretty fun, but not particuarly historically accurate (the way I remember it, I beat Lord Broaste all by myself with no help at all from you-know who, who was at home sleeping the whole time or something). Also, the story stops abruptly inside that big snake's belly, which I think is dumb, because all the coolest stuff comes after that, like the naval battle between the vikings and the penguins, or my adventures with the mer-sheep, or the time I helped my good friend Havoc beat Chef Pxargo in a culinary duel to the death. Personally, I think that since James isn't a playable character for most of the rest of the game, he kinda lost interest, so I really encourage people to bug him about finishing the game by maybe driving to his house and kicking him in the shins.

I star in some other games too including the Games of the Hamster Republic CD which was actually published and sold in real stores at one time, or so I am told (Actually, I think it was just in three Radio Shacks in Manitoba)

You can also read my almost-never-updated webcomic at which is also pretty cool, but also almost-never-updated.