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Bug report[edit]

In the Musphel Desert, using the current version on Linux, battles with Wights never end. All four of my characters can kill it with one hit (Frumpy only most of the time), and Frumpy can cast Force or Force+, which also destroys it, but it reappears in the top left corner. We can then kill it again up there, then it reappears in the middle of the screen again. Am I missing something?

Windows: Near the Snow Dragon, there is a gap in the wallmap that allows the player to use a door to teleport to elfhiem(it was probably used for quick travel in testing the game but they forgot to remove it).

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This is a list of known issues with the current version of Vikings of Midgard.[edit]

  • Spellchecking!

This is a list if issues present in the current version which have already been fixed by Fenrir-Lunaris for the next release.[edit]

  • In the cave where you get the mithril:
    • You can walk on the water at the dead-end with ... water. Expected behaviour: Take a drink, or a bath, or something ;) (Edit - There should be a "mana fountain" back here explaining that certain pools, fountains, and wells can restore HP/MP. The fact that the Mithril Cave is almost EXACTLY like the Wind Cave in FF3J practically makes it mandatory!)
  • Is the room above that another unfinished healing spring? (Edit - Unfinished yes. I may have a "spirit of the spring" like the fairies from Legend of Zelda. The placing seems appropriate.)
  • (maybe not a bug) I effortlessly learned Nurse+ from level-ups well before I found the mini-quest that taught Frumpy Nurse (Edit - Not a bug, Nurse+ has no sidequest to learn it - yet!)
  • Spellchecking!
    • "Anchient"
    • "Infinate"
  • Requires more play-testing before and after the scenes from Alfheim onwards, there is not enough data concerning following scenes.
  • Weapon and armor smiths in the first town still complain about not having mithril when when they have it
  • Styrge's "Owl's Eye" spell always shows zero
  • Confrontation with Housemaster still needs a battle remix of Clorinda False Adieu :{{{\
  • The Pubkeeper doesn't say anything
  • Bad layer transparency on two trees in the top right corner of Nidavellir field
  • Bob the Hamster is not visible in the Thule cutscene. Is he missing, or is he supposed to be speaking from behind the door?
  • At the end of the Thule Cutscene the leader can walk around when Chewie is leaving right before the cutscene ends.
  • Back door in Bi-Anthro Tavern is a dead-end?
  • At the end of the cutscene where Styrge reminisces about the Axe, she refers to Eric as Bram
  • Purple cultist in the room with a crystal ball in the evil fortress has no text box
  • Can't talk to or examine Dracula

This is a list of questions for Fenrir-Lunaris[edit]

  • Is there actually a way to prove Loki's innocence?

[Answer: Yes! Investigate the artwork in the town of Thule, then go talk to Freki, then Geri. After speaking with them, you should be able to speak with Loki and receive the Laevetein Staff for Night]

  • Does Frigga actually give different advice later in the game

[Answer: Not yet! Her advice should be to tell you precisely where to go to trigger each new scene, which will require at least several dozen text boxes. Accordingly, it should be one of the last things finished.]

  • Is Night supposed to be in the lead to be able to talk to animals? Because I can talk to them even when she is in the reserve.

[Answer: No, all you should need is to meet the Ranger. Simply having her around should make animals start talking. This should be fixed to where they talk only if she's leading, similar to her elven vision revealing hidden passageways.]

  • Any plans to make wrecked barstools and broken bottle sprites for the Pub when Olaf "wrecks" the place?

[Answer: Yes, perhaps even a passed out villager in the corner.]

  • Am I correct to assume that the "Rescue the dwarf" quest in the coral undersea is just not completeable yet in the Werewaffle version?

[Answer: The dwarf is found at the bottom of the lake hidden in a passage to the immediate left of the entrance of the coral lake. Defeat the Gru, then simply talk to the dwarf. Return to Thor with Night in your party and he'll bestow a powerful spell on her] [Bob the Hamster: Hmmm... may have missed an update. I am playing the version that is included in werewaffle, but I can't for the life of me find any Gru. I can see the dwarf, but I can't reach him. I did find a non-functional staircase in the north part of map]

  • Is the pushed block barrier blocking the dwarves' treasure a solvable puzzle?

(Edit - Yes! There are two ways to solve it. You can enter the wall north of the puzzle, walk through a hidden maze and emerge on the left side of the block puzzle, OR, walk down and around the crates to the left. Added "hints" when Styrge is leading, due to her elven vision.)