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Fenrir-Lunaris worked really, REALLY hard on this! He did just about all the artwork, sprites, scripting, and putting together of this project. As always, he accepts questions, comments, and feedback on his work! If you feel like making a monetary donation, paypal a small contribution to him at the following email adress:

Artimus Bena also contributed heavily to this as well, composing most of the music for Vikings of Midgard. The game wouldn't be the same without his help, and probably wouldn't have even gotten off the ground without him! Go check out some of his other music, and give him the credit he deserves at:

And finally, a big thanks goes especially to James Paige, the man who constructed and built the O.H.R.RPG.C.E - the engine that Vikings of Midgard was made for! If you want to try your own hand at game making, please visit:

You can ALSO find other OHRRPGCE games at the following websites, and see what games other people have made: