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Bob the Hamster: Cool. I see you are making progress. You can upload screenshots like that to the wiki, if you like. No need to remote-link

S'orlok Reaves: Thanks! I didn't know if it was prudent. Tell you what, I'll upload some pics after I release the next version. Cheers!

Bob the Hamster: I deleted that old screenshot for you. I guess only admins can delete files.

S'orlok Reaves: Thanks again!

User:scardpoopoo:Sick! Playing your games on your cellphone! I hope it will be awsome!

Bloodblade: Sweeeeeet!!! But,is saving and loading your games going to be possible..? And if so....what about size cell phone can only hold so much... also,how will you post games online and so on?My phone has a web browser,but I doubt uploading the OHRRPGCE games will be as easy,or possible,but hey? What do I know about your project? Hope it goes well!

S'orlok Reaves: This page might be of interest to you. To answer your questions:
1) Saving and loading will use internal memory, like any Java game. This will be added later, when there's actually content worth saving.
2) My rule for size is this: the OHRRGPCEFMF + 1 game should fit on almost any phone. Note that by the time this project reaches full beta, you'll probably have a new phone.
3) OHRDev has kindly hosted the jar/jad files; also, you can transfer them from your computer if you have a link cable or bluetooth.
4) Probably you know more about my project than I do, since I've never made a full OHR game.