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Just another OHR developer, though my FreeBASIC's a bit rusty.

They say "those who can't do show off what others can do." As such, I am working on a version of the OHR that runs on phones, so you can take your favorites on the go. Really, I think the medium is quite suitable.

Note to James: The "ESC" key in the Netbeans emulator sends an unconditional kill code to any running Midlets. It always exits the emulator. That said, I managed to trap any conditional kill codes, so it should work on your phone (except that BREW won't let it work at all.)

Ohrrpgce fmf screenshot.jpg

Here's a screen-shot of the desktop HVM that I'm working on, as a test of the HVM's core functionality. It can do the Fibonacci sequence now!

Fibonacci hvm.png