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Bob the Hamster: Should this be a separate chapter? Or should Moving on to Map Construction be re-written to include this? (or both?) Discussion?

S'orlok Reaves: If I were you, I'd put it in Moving on the Map Construction. Do you want people to think of it as a "feature" (read: "something to learn later"), or as something naturally part of the program? My guess is that you wanted this to be part of the OHR all along.

Bloodblade: I agree with S'orlok Reaves...besides wouldn't it be overall easier for the reader to understand layers if they were included in everything else?

The Mad Cacti: It's as a separate article so that people who download the latest version and want to find out how to use new features have somewhere to go. Possibly... both, or have an FAQ pointing to the relevant subsection of that HOWTO chapter.

James Paige: Yeah. I see this article being aimed at users who already have a layerless game that they want to add layers to. I would like to also see the Moving on to Map Construction article to be rewritten to introduce layers to new users.