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Moogle1: This is great. But what about learning attacks by using attacks? Ex: Merlin casts Fire ten times. Now he can cast Fire2. Then he casts Bolt ten times. Now he can cast Bolt2 and Fire Bolt.

Bob the Hamster: That is in there. See the "Axe Throw" / "Axe Boomerang" example... but that reminds me, the target of the attack should also be able to modify the learning rate too. And there should be an option to interpret the learning rate as a random chance of fully learning instead of an incremental learning. The combination of those two things would be enough to replicate the Waza learning system from Romancing SaGa 3

Moogle1: That doesn't necessarily cover the second case (where combined mastery of two spells is necessary for a third). Just making sure here.