Plan for improved spell learning

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There are currently a few ways that you can learn spells:

  • By getting to a specific level
  • By using an item that can teach a spell
  • By using plotscripting ("teach spell" or "write spell")

It would be nice to add some other learning methods

The word "spell" and "attack" may be used interchangeably here.

Gradual Learning[edit]

  • Each spell slot could store a value indicating how completely it has been learned. (A "Learn meter")
  • Various events could teach a spell.
    • Wearing certain equipment while winning a battle
      • Each item could have one or more attacks that it can teach, plus the rate at which it teaches.
      • Each battle formation (or enemy?) could have an amount of learning points
    • Being hit with an attack could teach an attack at a given rate
    • Using an attack could teach an attack at a given rate
      • Example, use "Axe Throw" 50 times and learn "Axe Boomerang".
    • Using an item outside-of-battle could teach a spell partially
  • Having certain items equipped could allow you to use partially learned spells.
    • Example: Having a fire staff equipped teaches you fire spell at a slow rate, and allows you to use fire spell if partially learned. Fire spell would be available as long as fire staff was equipped, or even without fire staff equipped if you have "mastered" fire.
    • This would be similar to the learning systems in Final Fantasy 6 and 7
  • Learn amount should optionally be available somehow to attack damage or accuracy calculations
    • Example: a spell that only does 5% damage if you have only learned it 5%

Chance Learning[edit]

  • Each spell slot could also have an option to switch it to learned-by-chance instead of learned incrementally.
  • In chance mode, the learning points would be calculate in exactly the same way, but instead of adding them to the learning meter, they would be compared to the total size of the learn meter as a percentage, and then a random number would be chosen and if it was inside that percentage, the spell would be learned completely.
    • Example: "Punch" has a 3% chance of teaching you "Uppercut" each time you use it.

Tag Based Learning[edit]

It should also be possible to learn spells based on tags.

  • Each spell slot should have an (optional) tag condition that can enable/disable it.
  • Since it is already possible to turn tags on and off with attacks, this would allow attacks that enable or disable other specific attacks.
  • This would allow attacks that are available according to which other allies are in the party.

Spell List Sorting[edit]

This is only slightly related, but I should be thinking about it at the same time. Per The Wobbler's suggestion, it would be nice if there was an option to sort the display of spell lists, by criteria such as "Alphabetical", "Recently Learned", "MP Cost", "Original Order"

This would only be a re-sorting of the display of the list. It would not change Level-MP consumption, and the "read spell" and "write spell" commands would always index by original order