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NeoTA: re #4: Well, the page-remapping hack I mention in [ the bug-report for this] would work to remap 16 color palettes too. Admittedly the OHRRPGCE's color quantization is fairly basic, and better results could be produced by eg. GIMP. For this case, supporting a BMP that serves as a 'remapping table' would be helpful: you would produce it by taking the old BMP palette (in 24bit 16x16 left-to-right, top-to-bottom format) and quantizing it to the new palette using whatever options you choose, then converting it back to 24bit. If such a feature was implemented, an interactive preview of the converted graphics would also be helpful.

The Mad Cacti: About updating the UI default colours: it occurs to me that there's no reason we can't come up with a new UI colour scheme for a new master palette. After all, the textbox colours are just palette columns, the last several are arbitrary.

Bob the Hamster: yes, I agree, the default ui colors for all those ugly greyish text boxes should be changed.