Plan for default master palette replacement

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  1. Add support for importing additional 256 color palettes (done)
  2. Complete Plan for full UI color customization (nearly done)
  3. Support a new set of default UI colours to match the new master palette (done)
  4. Replace the master palette in with Neo's new optimized palette (done)
  5. update a lot of screenshots on the wiki ;)
  6. the ui customization will include color remapping code for remapping ui colors. Can we make code that will optionally remap all 16-color sprite palettes, all tilesets, and all backdrops too? That would mean that even old games could take advantage of new master palettes, but could also mean loss of colors in cases where the colors do not map well.
    • Regarding re-mapping 16-color palettes, I propose:
      • for each 16 color palette...
      • store which colors are duplicates
      • remap all the colors to nearest-match
      • check for duplicate colors again
      • if the color remapping created any additional duplicates...
      • re-remap the duplicates with a different bias in hopes of avoiding the dup
    • I should also mention that while I think graphics palette remapping would be a great feature, I don't think it is a requirement for replacing the default master palette in

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