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This article (or part thereof) is obsolete. It may have made sense in the past, but it does not make sense now. It is kept here only for historic curiosity and/or posterity.

The developers no longer use this page to track releases. They now use tracking bugs on bugzilla instead.

Here is a link to All release tracking bugs on Bugzilla

See also How to make a release


[ ] = not done
[x] = done
[!] = deferred until later

The List[edit]


[ ] Sound effects selectable for more events in CUSTOM
[ ] New default master palette (this time for real!) bug 60
[X] Full UI color customization (mostly done)
[X] Main menu customization
[?] Box display interface [related work in main menu customization]


[x] Change the sound effect interface to allow dynamic allocation of channels
[?] Finally update HamsterSpeak docs (for strings, flow control, and any other new features)
[x] Fix graphical errors in item and hero-appearance menus
[x] Save full 32 bits of global variables in SAV files
[ ] Resolve all bugs blocking this release bug 255

Hasta-la-qb+ (bugfix)[edit]

A re-release of the final DOS version to solve two serious bugs.

[x] bug 220 Hero plotscripting commands broken
[x] Backport thread safety fixes from wip (Artifact of bug 174 fix, fixed in r708, r721)

Hasta-la-qb (Dropping QB Support)[edit]

This is the final release to support compiling in QuickBasic. It was branched from the tirgoviste release, but includes many of the same fixes that went into the ubersetzung (WIP) trunk

[x] Resolve bug 163 (music_native crash in import)
[x] Resolve bug 179 (two keyispressed in one if)
[x] Resolve bug 174 (quick keypresses lost)
[x] Resolve bug 146 (QB attack editor crash)
[x] Resolve bug 193 (default ROM font loading broken)
[x] Resolve bug 43 (QB lockup on the hour)
[x] Calculate approximately how much conventional memory QB version requires (and decrease it).
[x] Copy over all non-FB bugfixes from the wip branch


[x] Add stat caps (for Fenrir...)
[!] Resolve bug 112 (too fast?)
[x] Resolve bug 103 (crash on ps error)
[x] Resolve bug 140 (key quirks)
[!] Resolve bug 141 (crash starting Colora)
[x] Resolve bug 142 (wrong battle rewards)
[x] Resolve bug 143 (disabled spells)
[x] Resolve bug 150 (broken out-of-MP checking)
[x] Resolve bug 144 (crash after all battles)
[x] Resolve bug 151 (shops broken in format version 5 RPG files)
[x] Resolve bug 152 (QB crash in battle on attack)
[x] Resolve bug 158 (crash on edit large enemy graphics)
[!] Resolve bug 163 (music_native crash in import)
[!] Resolve bug 164 (runaway memory allocation loop)
[x] Create subversion branch svn://
[x] Update dates in all text files for 2006-03-15
[x] Verify that whatsnew.txt says everything it needs to
[x] Sanity test executables