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WIP stands for "Work in Progress". It is used in two contexts:

WIP Features[edit]

A WIP feature is a feature that is being worked on currently, and will (likely) be in the next official release. It may also appear in a WIP build, depending on when it was added.

WIP features are marked in the Wiki with this tag:
This article discusses a brand new feature which is not included in the latest stable version, and may not even be in the next stable version. It can, however, be found in a nightly build, which can be found on the Downloads page. If you wish to discuss this feature, feel free to use the talk page.
(this is represented in the text itself as {{WIP}})

The reason the features are added to the documentation now, even though users can't use them yet, is because it helps the developers get a sense of how their plans are coming together in the real world.

Needless to say, if a feature is documented, but doesn't seem to work for you, do us a favour, and mark it with the WIP tag so that others know that it's still in progress.

Nightly/WIP Builds[edit]

A nightly build/WIP build is a preview of the next official version. ("Build" refers to compiling.) Users can download and test it without needing to know how to compile the source code themselves. WIP builds are automatically generated 'nightly'. Windows builds are actually built every 12 hours, other platforms might be built less frequently (once a day), and some packages like the Android wip build are only built very occasionally, manually. Also, frequently the nightly build system goes down; check datestamps and svninfo.txt to see when a package was actually built.

You can download wip builds from the Downloads page.

WIP builds generally differ from regular, official builds in these ways:

  • There may be new features and/or bug-fixes. These may not have been fully tested
  • There may be new bugs introduced by accident. They may be hidden/latent, and we don't know about them, or we know, but haven't been able to fix them yet. These may or may not be fixed for the next official release.
  • Some new features may be only partial complete and unusable

However, we are thankful to anyone who catches bugs in new features before they are released. If the nightly build is seriously broken however, we'll probably find out about it pretty quickly.

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