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Ubersetzung is an old version of the OHRRPGCE. Ubersetzung is the German word for "translation". The correct spelling is übersetzung with the umlaut over the "u", but the umlaut is ommited from the version codename due to the fact that english-language keyboards lack a ü key.

This was the first version to drop DOS support, supporting Windows and Linux only. New features include:

  • WAV and OGG sound effects
  • Many new music formats
  • Transparent map layers
  • New HamsterSpeak flow control commands
  • Script ID numbers are optional
  • 32 bit numbers in plotscripts (used to be 16-bit)
  • Attacks that can consume or give items (ammunition)
  • Full long-file-name support and improved file browsing
  • Default palettes for sprites

Query the release schedule for information about future versions.

Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Hasta-la-qb September 21 2007 Voxhumana callipygous+1

History of Release Dates