Plan for main menu customization

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All the functionality described here is currently implemented in the WIP version.

There will be a new lump containing menu data. The first record will define the main menu, and subsequent records will define other menus that can be used as sub-menus or that can be called from text boxes or scripts.

Menu data needs to be able to store the following actions:

  • Items
  • Spells
  • Status
  • Equip
  • Order
  • Team
  • Order/Team (depending on global bitset)
  • Map (if enabled)
  • Save
  • Load
  • Quit
  • Volume
  • Go to Sub-menu #
  • Show text box #
  • Run Script #

Everything should be able to have a custom caption, or use the default caption.

Each menu item should have a tag that determines if it is available or not.

There should be an option that determines if a disabled menu item is greyed-out or invisible (not sure if this should be for each item, for for the whole menu)

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