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Make and Play Games[edit]

Editing a sprite in CUSTOM.EXE
Browsing hero sprite frames

Current Stable Version[edit]

The O.H.R.RPG.C.E version callipygous+1 (released June 6 2016)
Includes the game Vikings of Midgard


Mac OS X (Intel Macs only)

Linux (Linux Notes)


All systems

What's New? | System Requirements | Bug Reporting | Older Versions

Latest Nightly Version[edit]

Playing a game in GAME.EXE

Nightly builds are previews of the next (incomplete) version of the OHRRPGCE which are built automatically each night (or every 12 hours for Windows builds). They will contain the absolute latest features, but they are not considered stable. In addition most nightly builds, except for the Windows installer and Mac package highlighted in green below, only contain the binaries (the programs themselves), so you need a stable version (above) to get a full package: simply extract the nightly .zip over a stable release, overwriting files. There are multiple different Windows executables, each one for a different set of backends and build options; you should use the default unless you think you have a problem with the default backends. Linux and Mac nightlies only come in a single flavour. Read the included readme file to understand the differences between the different backend versions.

Please always read IMPORTANT-nightly.txt after downloading -- it's for your own safety!

If you decide to edit your game using a nightly build, the file format will be updated. Don't try to take your updated RPG file back to the older stable editor, because the stable version of the editor will not be able to fully understand the newer file format.

If you spot a bug in a nightly, please let us know by filing a bug report.


Additional Utilities[edit]