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The Compiler[edit]


Any text editor can be used to edit plotscripting script files, as long as it saves in plain-text format, using either Unix or DOS line endings (beware that some editors on Macs use Mac line endings by default). HSS files are just .txt files with an .hss extension. Although using a .hss extension is slightly encouraged, .txt is fine too.

  • Notepad++ A general-purpose programmer's text editor for Windows that is great for plotscripting too!
  • TextWrangler A general-purpose programmer's text editor for Macintosh suitable for plotscripting
  • Hamster Whisper In-progress Windows/Linux plotscript editor that aims to replace HssEd.
  • Hamster Wrench Unfinished Windows plotscript editor that aimed to replace HssEd (dead)
  • HssEd An old Windows plotscript editor
  • Hamspeak Another old Windows plotscript editor.


  • HS Decompiler Recover script text from very old compiled HS scripts (obsolete/not updated)

Script Libraries[edit]