Miscellaneous Tools

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Mapping Tools[edit]

RPG and lump file manipulation tools[edit]

  • UNLUMP Extract an RPG file to a directory
  • RELUMP Package files from a directory into an RPG file
  • tabulate.py A tool to export or import items, heroes, enemies, attacks and textboxes from/into a game as crude spreadsheets.
  • ohrtool1 A collection of tools for dealing with RPG files
  • reload2xml and xml2reload are command-line tools to allow inspecting RELOAD documents such as .rsav files. They can be found in the OHR's source repository, but there are no pre-compiled executables available.
  • RELOADspy is a GUI tool to view/edit RELOAD documents. There is a newer implementation, currently without a downloadable executable.

Misc File Distribution Tools[edit]

  • 7Zip A nice Windows-based compression/decompression program that supports .ZIP files (and many other compressed file types too).
  • InnoSetup A free program for creating Windows Installers