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MP3/OGG Music[edit]

  • Audacity Open Source Windows/Linux Sound Editor
  • LMMS Open source synthesizer and sequencer. Available for Linux, BSD, MacOSX and Windows. Large built in set of instruments; Variety of synthesizers; Wavetable synthesis, SoundFont, VST, LADSPA, and MIDI-in support. Renders to MP3 or OGG, among other formats.
  • If you want to convert MOD music to OGG/MP3, several mod players support a 'wav' output driver which dumps the sampled music to wav, which you can then encode into the desired format. If your soundcard has a 'capture' channel, you may also be able to capture the audio output as it's playing, via Audacity; You'll probably have to manually select the Capture channel as the mic input device for this to work.
  • Csound Extremely powerful open source synthesizer, sequencer, and more. Cross-platform.
  • SoX A command-line program to convert and apply effects to sound files of various formats. "The Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs". Cross-platform.

Sound Effects[edit]

  • sfxr provides a simple sound generation system that is capable of producing almost any simple 8bit style sound effect; For more complex sound effects you can combine sound effects with your sound editor.
    • bfxr, and 'elaborated'/extended flash based version
  • It's also possible to use a tracker like FamiTracker to create sound effects!
  • Use one of the tools in the above section to edit your sound effects files as necessary

MOD Music[edit]

  • ModPlug Tracker Free. Can be as simple or complex as you need it to be.
  • MilkyTracker Open source, Linux/BSD/MacOSX/Windows/(other platforms. Intended as a FastTracker 2 clone, so best for composing .XMs. Imports a wide range of formats, exports MOD, XM, or WAV (so can be used to help convert modules to MP3/OGG format). Supports MIDI input.
  • AmigaMML Open source, cross-platform. Exports MOD and XM formats. Compose music using Music Macro Language.

MIDI Music[edit]

BAM Music[edit]


  • Musagi, by Dr. Petter of sfxr fame, is a tracker somewhat like ModPlug, but with more flexibility. Can be used to create NES- and Commodore 64-like chippy songs, or full fledged songs, which can be saved to WAVs. Use Audacity or SoX to convert to .ogg. Here's a good tutorial for beginners.
  • Wolfram Tones Can generate surprisingly good random music based on genre, which you can then tweak with a set of included online tools.
  • Bosca Ceoil is a very easy to use music editor that can be used right in your browser

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