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BAM format is no longer the preferred music format. BAM is still supported, but MIDI is a better choice

NOTATE is a tool that lets you write BAM music like sheet music. You can choose different instruments, and place notes of different lengths on a music staff. It is not included with the OHRRPGCE anymore, but you can still get it packaged with the Old DOS version of the OHRRPGCE

Unfortunately it can only load files in NOT format (a format supported by no other program). It exports BAM music, but lacks the ability to import BAM msuic, which makes it useless for modifying music you have converted from MIDI using MIDI2BAM


The current version no longer includes notate. The last version to include notate.exe was hasta-la-qb+. Look inside the import subdirectory.

Source Code[edit]

Source code for Notate is available under the GPL. You can get it with subversion.

 svn checkout svn:// notate

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