Improving the Plotscripting Dictionary

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The master copy of the Plotscripting Dictionary is the wip/docs/plotdict.xml file in the SVN repository. A web browser can display this file directly, and a nightly version of it can be viewed at [1]. There is a UNIX shell script wip/docs/ which converts this file into the HTML copy of the Dictionary.

If you want to make improvements to the dictionary, first grab a copy of plotdict.xml. You can either download a full copy of the engine Source Code, or just download [2] and [3] and place them both in the same directory. You should be able to view the dictionary by pointing your web browser at file://C:/path/to/plotdict.xml or by drag-dropping the file onto your browser (or perhaps its tab bar). (However, Chrome does not seem to want to display the .xml file directly when viewing it as a file on your harddisk instead of as a page on the internet. You may have to use a different browser.)

Use a text editor to edit the XML file. One which understands XML is Notepad++, though even Notepad should work. The XML markup used is very simple and you can pick it up easily by looking at other commands; no knowledge of XML is required.

You can submit changes by emailing plotdict.xml to one of the Developers or to the Mailing List.

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