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HSpeak is the compiler for HamsterSpeak, the scripting language used for Plotscripting. It produces compiled scripts with the extension .hs which can then be imported.

Custom invokes HSpeak automatically when you "Compile and/or Import Scripts", so you never need to run it manually.

But if you really want, you can also run it via one of the Plotscripting Tools or you can edit your plotscripts in any text editor and compile them directly, either by dragging-and-dropping your script file onto HSpeak or by running HSpeak from a terminal/command prompt.

On Mac OS X, the hspeak executable is stored inside the OHRRPGCE-Custom app bundle, at OHRRPGCE-Custom.app/Contents/MacOS/support/hspeak. On other platforms it is an executable file named hspeak or hspeak.exe.

Run HSpeak without arguments to see up to date information on command-line arguments. The only arguments currently useful to end users are:

   -f fast mode. Disables some optimization
   -k do not wait for a keypress when finished
   -w suppress minor warnings
   -y overwrite the destination file without asking

HSpeak is the only part of the OHRRPGCE written in the Euphoria programmming language.

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