Cthulhu (VoM)

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Cthulhu - Monster (Game:Vikings of Midgard)
Stat Value
HP 5000
MP 9999
Strength 250
Accuracy 250
Defense 80
Dodge 80
Magic 250
Will 100
Speed 13
Focus 0
Extra Hits 0
~cthulhu.PNG A servant of a higher power, Cthulhu himself is from another dimension entirely. He has trouble expressing himself, and his tentacles seem to interfere in his speech. As general over the other four extradimensional entities invading the world of Vikings, he has access to all their strengths and abilities, able to call upon them at will. He may even summon death itself to extinguish a hero's life-force! He is not entirely immune to status effects though, perhaps his only weakness.
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