Yog-Sothoth (VoM)

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Yog-Sothoth - Extradimensional Entity (Game:Vikings of Midgard)
Stat Value
HP 100
MP 999
Strength 100
Accuracy 200
Defense (C/G-0) 999
Dodge 0
Magic 100
Will (G-999) 50
Speed 4
Focus 0
Extra Hits 0
~yogsothoth.PNG An Extradimensional Entity like Shub-Niggurath, Tulzcha, and Dagon, the final of the four Elements Animus has multiple parts which all must be defeated to kill it. Red for Fire, Blue for Ice, Yellow for Lightning, Green for physical attacks, Cyan for healing, and Black for Death Magic. If adequately prepared, this boss is a cakewalk, but each part is weak only to specific types of attacks. You have to think carefully!
See Also: Shub-Niggurath Tulzcha Dagon