Dagon (VoM)

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Dagon - Undead (Game:Vikings of Midgard)
Stat Value
HP 1000 (500)
MP 200 (500)
Strength 60 (50)
Accuracy 60 (50)
Defense 20 (40)
Dodge 10 (50)
Magic 30 (50)
Will 40 (40)
Speed 9 (10)
Focus 0 (0)
Extra Hits 0 (0)
~dagon.PNG An extradimensional entity that wants to drown the world, Dagon has assumed the form of some many-eyed whale. He attacks with cold based spells and churns up powerful waves. Initially, he is weak against shocking attacks, and wholly immune to cold, but after he has suffered enough damage, his true form is revealed as an unliving nightmare, weak against flames. (Secondary form statistics indicated in parenthesis)
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