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Yoshiboy: Dang it! Ever since Editing-Wiki, I never feel like working on my good game. The one I said I'd finish (I've never finished a game)

Mike C. Tip: Don't make spam pages outside of the User: namespace.

Yoshiboy: Sorry, I won't do it again.

Yoshiboy: I really love OHR. What are ways we can spread it to people? MORE PEOPLE NEED TO USE IT! GRRR... :)

Yoshiboy: Uhh, whenever I uploade an image the fonts larger, and words appear above "User Page" etc. hat don't look as if they should be there, Is something wrong?

Mike C.: Technically, yes, something's wrong. But, in all my years of wiki editing (wow, it's really been that long...), I've never seen anything adverse happen because of it. So, it's safe to ignore.

Bob the Hamster 08:12, 27 June 2006 (PDT): Yeah, that "mime magic" error at the top of the upload page is harmless. It happens when wikimedia is autodetecting the filetype of the upload. It is caused by a minor misconfiguration on my server, but since it has never broken anything, I haven't bothered to track down what exactly.

Hello! Sorry I haven't edited in a long time. But I've still been watching the OHR site for updates. I want to know if there is a free program for creating icons? I've been looking all over and I can't find one that doesn't expire or place a large "SAMPLE" over the icon. There are free game making programs and there has to be free icon creators. Any help would really be appreciated.

Bob the Hamster: I am fond of png2ico, which you can get from . The way it works is, you create an icon in your favorite graphics program, save it as a PNG file, and then convert that PNG into an ICO file.

Wow, I made this account when I was still in elementary school. I just thought I'd drop by again, and I'm glad to see OHRRPGCE is still being updated with new features. OHRRPGCE really got me interested in programming and game design... So, thanks!

The Mad Cacti (talk): That's awesome :)