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Bob the Hamster: Thanks for tackling the thankless work of updating screenshots! Have you considered using PNG instead of JPG for better image quality? Also, you can name the files whatever you want, no need to limit yourself to numbers. Thanks again!

Hey! Nice to meet you, and no problem at all; If there's any work around here that needs maintenance I'd be glad to help out anytime. Also, I figured out how to simply "update the photo" instead of uploading a whole new file so all languages will be updated as well now. One more thing: Is there any way to get the pages to load faster? I would get work done so much faster if that was possible.

Bob the Hamster: I have noticed the slowness too. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the new server I recently moved the wiki to. I don't have a solution to the problem yet...

I just looked it up and it seems there may be high traffic within the server on other sites. [1]

Now hold up now, you should download the IE9 beta. It is amazingly fast.

Bob the Hamster: if you put ~~~ it will automatically fill in your username. Great for keeping conversations on talk pages from running together. That article was about 3 years old, and it was about slowness on godaddy hosting, but this wiki is not hosted by godaddy, it is hosted by dreamhost. I am pretty sure why it is slow. They recently started forcing me to use PHP5 FastCGI instead of mod_php for the scripting, and in spite of the name, FastCGI is slower. Also I have bugzilla running on the same host, and bugzilla is perl based, which is really resource hungry. Whenever somebody uses bugzilla, the wiki gets slower at the same time. Also, regarding Internet Explorer 9, (1) I use Linux (2) Browser speed has no impact on hosting speed. If your host is slow, the fastest browser in the world won't be able to make it any faster.

I am here to dominate!! Thanks for the advice. And I wan't generally saying it made this page faster, but I really like the new path Microsoft took to making IE, as it is different in whole and I want to spread the word (not advertising). I also just want to say I love the way you do things around here, as in I enjoy the hospitality of the site, I guess. I'm not really sure how to explain. But keep it up! (: