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The Mad Cacti: This is a rather late observation, but prehaps it would be much cleaner to put enemies on subpages for game pages. James? You wouldn't happen to have a mass-move button, would you?

Bob the Hamster: Nope, sorry. No mass-move :(

Fenrir-Lunaris: It seemed simpler to add a "(VoM)" to the end of each enemy's name to help indicate what game they're from. Now at least other people will be able to add their own monsters.

James Paige: The advantage to Game:Vikings of Midgard/Enemy name is that it would be a magic subpage, and you could make links from one VoM enemy to another with syntax like [[/Troll]] or [[/Midgardsorm]]

The Mad Cacti: Now that each page is marked with (VoM), would it be possible to write a script to re-move them? I know nothing about mediawiki bots. Whether they're not/fine where they are, we should move the other monsters to subpages.

I would do this manually, but I have no idea how to do so. Any hints I can use?