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Myroc: This is probably a stupid question but will this include special abilties for buffs (such as berserk), and not just stat changes?

Bob the Hamster: I would like to eventually support berserk, but I don't know if the buff system would be the best way to implement it or not. I do think buffs should work with affliction registers like poison and stun.

Myroc: Ah, i thought that "buffs" would replace the current status effects. Still, would be fun to see stat changes

--Msw188 00:56, 16 September 2008 (UTC)I posted a fairly long suggestion about this at Castle Paradox: Yum!

Abelhawk: I'm not sure if I understand "buffs" completely, but are they basically statuses? If so, it would be awesome if they could have a tiny picture form with them. It'd be nice to see if enemies were poisoned if they had a tiny green picture of a bubble or something floating above them, or on fire with a tiny flame. It's hard to know about these things without seeing any graphic or anything.

The Mad Cacti (talk): Hmm, quite a lot of people are suggesting/demanding that particular feature. So, the odds are good...

Bob the Hamster (talk): I was thinking about how I would like to display icons like these. A slice attached to the hero sprite would do nicely. It could grow or shrink as child-icons are added or removed. There could be an option for specifying a max width, which would cause it to add rows. In an alternate battle layout, the game designer might choose to attach the icon container somewhere else, besides the hero's head, and it would still continue to work. I really need to get to work on slicifying battles :P