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Bob the Hamster: There were requests for items equipped only when a hero has reached a certain level. I think the easiest way to do that is to add a feature to heroes where tags can be turned on when certain levels have been exceeded.

The Mad Cacti: That tag would be a useful feature. I guess putting a level requirement on equipment wouldn't be so common, so it'd be better to use tags rather than add the clutter of an extra "minimum level" option?

BTW, any thoughts about multiple tags checks? Browsing Custom, we only seem to have multiple tag conditions on NPCs appearing and door links (both of which require both tests to be passed). Personally I hate limiting things like the number of tags conditions or the number of types of items that can be traded for something at a shop, and thanks to RELOAD I can avoid arbitrary limits, but maybe it's just too much complexity.

Bob the Hamster: I think avoiding the arbitrary limits on tag checks is a good thing, and I agree that RELOAD enables that. Although before we can convert a lump like the ITM limp into a reload document we need to make sure we have a good understanding of the memory/speed impact of doing that. (Lazy loading of reload nodes would probably help both... I think? More robust speed/memory profiling of big reload docs would tell us for sure)