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FyreWulff Can anyone think of a better namespace for these old date versions?

Mike C. Perhaps they should all go on a single page, perhaps Old Versions or something.

FyreWulff Nah, it's not like we're cramped for server space, or anything like that. I would also like to ask you to wait until we have reached a consensus before moving a page.

FyreWulff Nevermind, cached recent changes page. I guess I'll have to stick them all on one page.

FyreWulff I'm going to kill you, James. I wrote out little explanations for all of them, then the Wiki went "ololol!" and my browser couldn't pull up what I wrote. :(

Bob the Hamster: Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were working on it :(

FyreWulff Don't worry about it, I blame it more on the wiki software for not having "this is what you wrote" and "this is what they wrote". All it says is "Someone edited the page while you were writing! Here's all of their text, and none of yours! For no particular reason!"

Mike C. Few things:

  • Don't tell me what to do. Besides, plz look at who does something before laying blame.
  • It should display both versions. It does for me. There is a bizzare "Your session timed out, not that it matters since it still works and displays under your name" error (I paraphrased it)
  • It has nothing to do with server space. It has to do with "olololol, 40 pages for various unnamed versions, identifiable only by date!"

FyreWulff Not only did I add later that it was my fault because I had a cached page, it's usually good manners(tm) to wait for consensus on something before doing a move. I also asked nicely. I suggest in the future you take a big breath or walk away from the computer and go around the block before replying to something. If you wish to discuss this further, please take it to User:FyreWulff/VS/MikeCaron