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Yoshiboy: I'm just curious, but what needs to be done to this chapter? What kind of HOWTO should it be?

Bob the Hamster: Actually, this article is looking pretty good. It just needs more. This is a place for "recipes" for commonly desired attacks. Some example screenshots might be helpful too.

Yoshi: I want to add the attack: "Life Read" or somthing, but that idea would have come from the Wandering Hamster, the attack that can show you how much life is left, but it's your idea, so can I have permission to add it?

Bob the Hamster: I claim no ownership to any attack in Wandering Hamster... in fact, I don't believe an attack recipe is even "ownable".

Yoshi: I can't think of many pictures that would be good to put here. What kind should I add?

Bob the Hamster: I think the most useful screenshots here would be screenshots of the attack editor demonstrating particular settings or values, similar to what appears in the Bosses article. Like maybe the bitsets for a "heal" attack, or the chain settings for a critical hit attack... but one in-battle screenshots might be nice too, not because it would illustrate how to make such an attack, just because it might look good and be inspirational.

Yoshiboy Yeah ok, but I think I may just use graphics from the Wandering Hamster, I'm too lazy to draw graphics for this. :)

Scan Bug[edit]

As of Ubersetzung, scanning attacks no longer work. Is this worth mentioning? -- 08:29, 17 November 2007 (PST)

Bob the Hamster: You need to file a bug about it. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Failed chains[edit]

When I was looking at new and creative ways to make attack chains, and realized if there was an extra field for what attack to perform when an attack fails, we essentially create the 'else' part of a ternary, and that would allow for almost procedural attacks. (I think this would be non-deterministic programming, which is always fun!)

For example, say we're making a barbarian's rage attack. Typically, this boosts the caster's stats and you would lose control of him. But, at the end, he tires and gets a penalty.

Currently, that would be created as: [StartRage: GivePenalty, chain to rage] > [Rage: deal big damage despite penalty, chain to rage 80%].

This could be modelled as: [StartRage: GiveBonus, chain to rage] > [Rage: deal damage, chain to rage 80%, else EndRage] > [EndRage: TireCaster].

This could also model Squall's limit break from FF8:

[LimitLv1: Hit, chain to LimitLv1 70%, else Finisher1]
[LimitLv2: Hit, chain to LimitLv2 75%, else Finisher2]
[LimitLv3: Hit, chain to LimitLv3 80%, else Finisher3]
[Finisher1: chain to RoughDivide 50%]
[Finisher2: chain to BlastingZone 40% else Finisher1] (Blast 40%, Rough 30%, nothing 30%)
[Finisher3: chain to LionHeart 30% else Finisher2] (Lion 30%, Blast 28%, Rough 21%, nothing 21%)

Granted, this series of limit breaks takes 9 attack slots, but we have plenty of those anyway. This could be the closest thing we have to 'BattleScripting' for a while. Or, maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself.