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off-topic silly conversations[edit]

Bob: If you want to carry on off-topic silly conversations, you might be happier on a message board, or on IRC (speaking of which, I should really put IRC info on the wiki)


Mike C. (since you removed the HamsterWheel bit from the article) I know that you've said repeatedly that HamsterWheel will be totally different from the OHR, there's no going back, etc etc. Is this still true? The OHR kicked ass even in DOS form, and even as we speak, it's metamorphosizing into something even better.

Granted, it still has a way to go. However, where in the past it was "it would be easier to start from scratch" or "it's just not possible as things stand", now it's "with a bit of effort, we could get that in" and "perhaps we can clean some code up, and that will be easy". In other words, the prime reason for HW's existance (in concept form) is moot.

Or, was HW supposed to be more? Something greater, more than a mere RPG engine. Or, am I confusing things with MotherHamster, an enigma moreso than the 'Wheel. And, how does a sentence, which is clearly a question, end up with a period at the end?

Questions, everywhere. And yet, answers are few and far between.

Bob the Hamster Hamsterwheel's purpose has morphed since the original idea, and now HamsterWheel and MotherHamster are effectively the same thing. So far, there is nothing in MotherHamster interesting to anybody other than a python programmer. Brian and I are focusing on backend type stuff, and the user-interface is still almost non-existant. Plus, we don't get to spend much time on it, so it moves slow as molasses.

The Mad Cacti: You've actually started? Woot! And a python library is still plenty interesting (though I don't know python yet)

Is James Dead?[edit]

The Geek: How did this get started, anyway?

Mike C. Well, this question dates from earlier than I've been in the community, but James had a tendancy to disappear for a long time, for no real reason. Little did we know that he was actually working on the "final" version of the OHR. Well, turns out it wasn't the final version, and we beat that dead horse this far, and we're going to keep going :D

(also, if you put three tildes (~~~), it'll sub in your name for you)

Bob the Hamster: That is right. During one fo the particularly long gaps between old updates, a lot of people were mailing James to ask when the next version would be ready, and I was getting really sick of snowballing them. When one of them asked "Are you dead?", I realized I could keep his death a secret no longer, and added the truth about the Marshmallow toasting incident to the old FAQ.

The Geek: Ooh, suddenly I see a light... thanks :) (And thanks for the tip too.)