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The Geek: Just wondering, why is the DOS version of the OHRRPGCE being compiled in QB and not FBDOS?

Mike Caron: If it 'aint broke, don't mangle it horribly.

Seriously, it would be far too much trouble to use the dos version to compile it, when QB does it just fine.

Bob: Someday after we drop QB support, and if I can get FreeDOS installed, I may try building and testing a FB/DOS version. But it is no kind of priority.

The Geek: Ah, I thought it might be something like that.

Raekuul, the accidental discoverer of inane errors: Yet Another Error, this time with compiling.


Bob the Hamster you are compiling using the makegame-gfx-music.bat script without specifying which graphics and music backend you want. Try makegame-gfx-music.bat fb2 native and see if that gives you better results

Raekuul It still giveth me the error.


Moved from 'Compiling in Linux'[edit]

Simple, eh? (Well, not quite. There may be dependencies and whatnot that may need to be installed. I am not sure what they are, though. Someone, clarify! I know FMOD /was/ needed, but I don't know now.)

Bob: FMOD is no longer required, but either SDL_Mixer or Allegro is required. I would realy love to take a try at properly packaging FreeBasic for Debian, with correct dependencies and everything. Maybe a Fedora Core user could try to make a rpm file too.

A C Compiler[edit]

Bob the Hamster: This article says you need to install a C compiler before you can compile the ohrrpgce using scons, but I am not sure if this is true. There is only one line that references CC, and it is commented out. Also, the windows nightly build computer uses scons, and I am 99% sure I have never installed a C compiler on it.

The Mad Cacti: scons compiles blit.c and base64.c, and also audwrap.cpp if compiling with music_native or _native2, so you must have a C and C++ compiler installed. On the other hand, Makefile and the batch scripts link to precompiled win32/*.o files on Windows. Also, there are 4 lines referencing CC, and none of them are commented out. Are you looking at the same file as me?

Bob the Hamster: I am looking at SConscript, line 206 and 214. Anyway, I just checked the nightly build system, and yes indeed, it does have mingw gcc 4.4.0 on it. Yay! I don't remember doing that :) I must have done it for some other project and forgot it was there.

The Mad Cacti: Good god James, you've spent too much time in FB. ' doesn't start a comment in Python! Also, I suppose this means that the Windows nightly build machine is running with a modified makeboth.bat, I'd guess, which uses scons instead?

Bob the Hamster: Haha! D'oh! I can't believe I thought that was a comment! I guess it is because I am pretty religious about using " for my python strings instead of ' so I wasn't used to it. Anyway, the Windows nightly build batch file does this:

CALL distrib-nightly-win.bat
ECHO Sleeping for 12 hours...
sleep 12h

I don't remember where I got the sleep utility. Pretty sure it is not a standard windows thing.