Plan for merging DT6 and ATTACK.BIN

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Because the attack data needed to be expanded before we had the BINSIZE.BIN scheme for resizing lumps, attack data is split between two files. This isn't broken as such, but it is clumsy, and makes things difficult for nohrio

  • Write code in upgrade() that merges the records of the DT6 lump (40 int16's) and the ATTACK.BIN lump (61 int16's)
  • Save the resulting records into a new lump with a different name (perhaps ATK.BIN ?)
  • Add the record size of ATK.BIN to BINSIZE.BIN
    • Does it make more sense to add a new entry? Or to re-use the entry for ATTACK.BIN... I think I favor a new entry
  • Delete the old DT0 and ATTACK.BIN lumps
  • Make sure that all code that reads/writes attack data uses the new file (there are very few places to change this, thanks to the wrappers in loading.bas)
  • Increment the RPG format version number so that people running old versions of GAME and CUSTOM will get warning messages.
    • If somebody ignored the message and edited and re-saved their game anyway, their attacks would be gone.
      • Right now GAME and CUSTOM both display the same warning for unsupported RPG files. Maybe the warning for CUSTOM should be made MORE SCARY.


Alternatively, is the RELOAD format ready to be tested out for this purpose yet?

Even if so, it still might be better to do the merger as a separate step first...