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nohrio is a python package by David Gowers designed to facilitate OHRRPGCE data manipulation utilities and human inspection of data, by providing:

  • numpy.memmap based interface for directly manipulating OHRRPGCE fixed-length-record based data files.
  • a human readable and editable YAML serialization of all records, upon which standard tools like ‘grep’ and ‘diff’ are applicable
  • sane, readily updateable binary serialization of the insane-in-spots OHRRPGCE formats

nohrio is currently going through a bit of a rewrite.

The original nohrio repository at ( has now been archived read only. It includes David's rewrite of nohrio. It's a work in progress, but hasn't been updated in a few years.

There is also a fork of the original nohrio used for the rpgbatch utility. It adds a number of convenience classes and updates various file formation definitions needed to be usable for rpgbatch. Eventually it will be retired and rpgbatch converted to nohrio2. Get it from: (David's version is also available in the nohrio2 branch).