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Neo's Better Palette

The preferred file format for master palettes starting with the Ubersetzung version is a 16x16 24 bit BMP file.

Starting with the werewaffle release, the default palette for new games is Neo's Better Palette

Older games used a different palette, which is still available if you go to the Edit General Game Data menu and then go to View Master Palettes and then pick Replace this Master Palette

Older palettes were often distributed in .MAS format instead of .BMP. Custom can still import old .MAS files.

Other Palettes[edit]

Neo's Better Palette
Old Palette
Old default palette from tirgoviste
Old Palette
Fenrir-Lunaris' Vikings of Midgard palette
Vikings of Midgard palette
dragontao's palette
Dragontao's palette
BMR's palette v2
BMR's palette
BMR's palette v7
BMR's palette


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