I can't compile my script because it says that I haven't defined a standard command!

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This article (or part thereof) is obsolete. It may have made sense in the past, but it does not make sense now. It is kept here only for historic curiosity and/or posterity.

If you have this problem, you are probably using an old version of the ohrrpgce. Consider upgrading to the latest stable release

Some users are frustrated that very simple scripts fail to compile with errors like:

ERROR: in line 5 of script helloworld in test.hss
  suspend player
Unrecognised name suspendplayer. It has not been defined as script, constant, variable, or anything else

Anyone who has read the Plotscripting Dictionary knows that suspend player is a standard command, so why does it say it is unrecognized?

This is simply because you have forgotten to put the following line at the beginning of your script:

 include, plotscr.hsd

The plotscr.hsd file contains all the standard commands, as well as most of the standard constants, and you should always include it into your scripts.

If this does not work, your version of plotscr.hsd is old and you need to download the newest version.

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